Have a plan and know what you want

Step 1 – Have a plan and know what you want

Questions to consider before you move:

Where do I stand financially?Have a plan and know what you want

  1. What is my monthly income?
  2. How much do I have in savings and investments?
  3. How much equity will I receive from the sale of my home?
  4. How much will I earn from an estate sale?
  5. What are my monthly/annual expenses?
  6. How much money will I use out of family planning assets for expenses?

What type of lifestyle do I need and want?

  1. Do I need assistance with health care or nutrition?
  2. Do I need transportation?
  3. Can I live independently?  If so, for how long?
  4. Do I want to stay close to home or move out of the area?
  5. Is my family involved?  If so, in what way?
  6. Do I have friends or activities I want to stay near?
  7. What type of activities do I want to be involved in, if any?
  8. Do I want apartment-style living, a retirement community, a private residence, a townhouse, a patio home, etc?

What do I need to do to prepare for a move?

  1. Which items do I want to keep and move, give to family or friends, liquidate, or store?
  2. Who will assist me with the details of the move – agents, family or friends?
  3. What date or time of year would I prefer to make the move?
  4. What will I need to do to prepare my house for sale?

Housing needs checklist

As you answer the above questions, you might like to reference our “Housing Needs Checklist” to further assist in determining what is most appropriate for you as you consider various future living options.

Understanding your senior living options

Downsizing seniors have more housing options today than ever before. This link, titled “Senior Living Options” will provide you with a quick guide to understanding industry terminology and the differences between the numerous senior living options available.  Click on the link to view: “Senior Living Options”

Specific advice when touring long-term care facilities

Our “Downsizing made easy” guide provides specific advise when visiting different communities.  Tips on visiting at different times, what to ask staff and what to look for.

Questions to ask when touring retirement communities

As you tour retirement communities, you might find it helpful to keep the “List of retirement community questions to ask” handy.

The moving process at a glance

Any successful downsizing move that is to be stress-free begins with plenty of advance planning.  For a glance at what the moving process may look like for you, follow this link  “Moving Process”  to learn more.

Helpful worksheets (all are included in our Downsizing made easy” guide):

  • Moving Timetable
  • Retirement Community Comparison Worksheet
  • Neighborhood Comparison Worksheet

>>> Step 2 – Communicate with Family and Friends

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