Downsizing Made Easy

Downsizing Made Easy

5 Easy Steps for a successful move

We’ve prepared this Downsizing Made Easy guide to help you get ready for the moving process. Please note that we will be able to assist you with any of the topics or specific services addressed in this guide.

Step 1: Have a plan and know what you want

Before you develop a plan, do some research. If you already know where you want to locate, find out what housing choices are available and the criteria for moving there. Consider your interests, financial situation, location of your friends and family, and how you envision living life to the fullest. Then choose a place that you think will fit your lifestyle best. Take this step even if you haven’t fully decided whether you will actually move.

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Step 2: Communicate with your family and friends

This doesn’t mean asking for permission or opinions. However, it is a good idea (often necessary) to keep family members and friends in the loop. Then, if you need help or advice later, they’re on the same page and your plan to move won’t be an unhappy surprise. Discuss the “what if’s” with them, talk about their expectations, discuss who wants which of your possessions. If you prefer not to ask details, consider sharing your estate plan. When your move is scheduled within the year, you can lessen the burden, expense, and packing time if you make prior arrangements to pass your possessions on to the intended recipient—they can pick it up! Whatever your plan, don’t wait until the last minute.

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Step 3: Getting rid of all that “Stuff”

This is often the step that trips people up and leads to dread as they make a much-needed and much-anticipated move. It might be the uncertainty of where to begin, or reluctance to part with treasured possessions, that creates the stumbling block. The good news is, you don’t have to sort through everything! Just focus on what you need and want to take with you. Envision yourself living in your new home, and you’ll know what can be left behind (or offered to family and friends as in Step 2). Allow your “move manager” professionals to take care of excess personal items, while we handle the bricks and mortar.

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Step 4: Plan on working with professionals

You will likely need to use the services of an estate liquidator, a mover, a REALTOR®, an organizer, home repair contractors, and/or retirement community personnel. Get to know these people and how their services are rendered. You’ll need to know the costs of services, the projected value of your home and liquidated household items, and when you can expect to receive the proceeds. You will also want to determine availability of the type housing you prefer and make a timeline to guide the process. This is where your knowledgeable agents with Team Junell will be invaluable assets. There is a variety of estate sale companies, auction services, movers, REALTORS® , packers, organizers and retirement communities across the country. Knowing how to choose the right one is a process in and of itself.

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Step 5: Adjusting to a new lifestyle

This sounds like an easy step, but it is often taken for granted. During the hustle and bustle of the moving process, emotions go on the back burner. Once the move is complete, feelings can come to the forefront and result in troublesome symptoms: shortness with your spouse, sleeping too much, lack of appetite. Take a look at how you might be feeling about your new lifestyle – just being prepared for this step can make a big difference.

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