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Most empty nesters come to a point in time where they are just tired of the big house, the big yard and all that stuff.  Not to mention the cost of upkeep.  When you find you are ready to make a change it doesn't have to be a traumatic experience, it can actually be quite freeing to create the lifestyle that is just right for you.

The biggest mistake Seniors make it waiting too long to make the decision to move.  Things happen in life, and you can’t always plan ahead for a move. By making the decision to move early your choices are much greater.  Among your options:

Consider a reverse mortgage purchase.  Depending on your age and where you choose to purchase, you can buy a home and have no house payments as long as you live in the home.

Consider a multi-generational home.  Multi generational homes are designed to give both children and parents their own space and privacy.  Family is always close but you still live your own life.

Consider 55+ active senior communities.  You will be amazed at all the activities available and the opportunity to make new friends while finding a new passion or enjoying an old one.

Consider a senior living independent living community.  These offer single family homes or condos with as much help or as little as you desire.  Some have dining rooms, all have housekeeping services.


Senior moving
Start Early
Have a Plan
Communicate with your family and friends
Call us, We can help.

5. Celebrate your new lifestyle